Lorenzo Damiani, Marcella Vanzo, Max Rommel e Marissa Morelli


“Animated basins”
with Lorenzo Damiani 

Using standard, ‘poor’ and formally simple industrial elements, yet revitalised by a new idea, it is possible to create objects with other functions, giving them a new life born out of the designer’s imagination: like children, the designer and the artist must cultivate fantasy and imagination throughout their lives, so that they can also see what can only be imagined, or even dreamt of!

Lorenzo Damiani 

Born in 1972, Lorenzo Damiani graduated in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic. He works in the field of furniture and product design and has collaborated with various companies including Campeggi, Cappellini, Corraini, Montina, Erreti, Coop, Illy Caffè, IB Rubinetterie, Refin, BBB Emmebonacina, Lavazza, Ceramica Flaminia, Nodus, Diamantini & Domeniconi. He has won several awards and the projects “Flex” and “Onlyone” belong to the permanent collection of the Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago. In 2009 the Triennale Design Museum, based on a project by Silvana Annicchiarico, dedicated to him the solo exhibition “Ma Dove Sono Finiti gli Inventori? Lorenzo Damiani”, curated by Marco Romanell.


“Merano in hand”
with Marcella Vanzo

A workshop to recreate the city, confronting public and personal spaces. The idea was for each student to choose his or her favourite place in the city and build a small paper miniature, to be held in the hand. The miniature was then placed on a map of the city, prepared previously together. The result was a map made up of main places and personal places, reflecting public and private spaces, with the diversity typical of each age. Three ages, three big maps.

Marcella Vanzo

Marcella Vanzo was born in Milan, where she lives and works. Through videos, performances, photos and installations she investigates the different dimensions of the human being, from the mythical to the political. In her work, reality and fiction blend in a dense weave that questions the representation of reality. Her most recent works are photo installations that investigate the image as a readymade. In 2004 she won the Acacia Emerging Artists Award and in 2006 she won the New York Award, a city to which she continues to return. Her solo exhibitions are at Studio Guenzani in Milan and at Galleria Continua (based in San Gimignano, Paris and Beijing). She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions at prestigious institutions in Italy and abroad. Marcella Vanzo teaches at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and her videos are regularly featured in national and international video festivals.


with Max Rommel and Marissa Morelli

Let’s identify the theme: what does the world represent for us? Our home, our city, the tree in the park, our best friend, distant and unknown lands?
In this workshop the children created their own ‘Wunderkammer’, intended to contain a synthesis of thought, represented by the construction of a scene, through the study of three-dimensional space, with the use of objects, drawings, colours, cuts of light, seen through a single eye, a hole placed at the end of the box. At the end of the workshop each box was photographed through that eye, a personal and particular point of view of each person.

Max Rommel

Born in Pordenone, Max Rommel is a photographer and video maker. He lives and works in Milan, where he collaborates with numerous designers and companies, including Luxottica, Alessi, Molteni, Foscarini and Telecom. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. His partnership with architect Marisa Morelli led to the ‘WOM/workingonmemory’ project, accompanied by the volume “Case di cartone” (Cardboard houses). His collaboration with graphic designer Pietro Corraini resulted in the albums in the “Quaderni della valle Camonica” series.

Marissa Morelli

Born in the Netherlands, architect, she lives and works in Milan, where she is part of the Recession Design collective. She has been working in the field of children’s publishing for several years, obtaining a Master’s degree in Illustration for Children and Aesthetic Education at the University of Padua. In 2004 she created WOM/workingonmemory. Through photography and video she investigates the realities of subtraction, the memory of places, people and things.