Paul Cox, Alice Ronchi, Mirco Santi


with Alice Ronchi

A workshop born from the desire to show children how things can be transformed even when we don’t expect it. The aim was to show how an object, or in this case a material, could take on different meanings and surprise us when given the chance to do so. A look at the beauty of the simple elements that fill our days, especially the natural ones, such as the sun, the rain, the clouds, the rainbow…. and the puddles! Observed and created by the children themselves.

Alice Ronchi

Alice Ronchi was born in 1989 in the rural landscape of Brianza. As she herself recounts, it was thanks to the influences of the rural world that she began to develop an interest in nature and a magical-fairy-tale spirit. Her imagination is shaped by natural phenomena, but the artistic suggestions of Bruno Munari, Fausto Melotti and Alexander Calder also contribute. She started attending the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan in 2012. Driven by her artistic projects, she then took up residence in Amsterdam, completing a master’s degree at the Sandberg Instituut, where she deepened her understanding of material processing and the aesthetic use of everyday objects. She currently lives and works between Milan and Amsterdam.


“Room of the Giants”
with Paul Cox

Deeply impressed by his previous visit to Giulio Romano’s Chamber of Giants at Palazzo Té (Mantova), the artist brought back his own suggestions through which the students, using collage and stencil techniques, recreated their very personal “Room of the Giants”.

Paul Cox

Paul Cox was born in Paris into a family of Belgian and Dutch musicians. He studied art history and soon began working in the fields of sculpture and painting. In addition to painting, which is his main activity, he designs logos, such as the one for Seuil Jeunesse, children’s books, posters for theatre and opera, set designs, play installations, advertising campaigns and games. He is passionate about all printing techniques, in particular lithography and serigraphy, which he uses more for experimental production than reproduction.


with Mirco Santi

Children’s creativity meets the principles of film projection. Light and darkness, transparencies, colours and mechanical noises of old days. The workshop with Mirco Santi brought to the attention of children the magic of cinema, with its colours, rhythms and experiments. The kids were able to observe and colour 16mm transparent film with ink, handle film objects that are now becoming rare, assemble film clips, load them onto projectors and play with the abstractions of light. And thus see their creativity take real form. 

Mirco Santi

The Bolognese artist is co-founder of the Home Movies association, which manages the National Archive of Family Film with the aim of collecting, cataloguing and enhancing the unpublished, inaccessible and rare audiovisual heritage. Santi makes handcrafted experimental films mainly in Super8 format, and, reusing amateur film material, he directs and edits numerous video installations and anthologies of family films. He collaborates with the film restoration workshop La Camera Ottica in Gorizia and in 2011 he obtained a PhD in audiovisual studies from the University of Udine.