Lorenzo Bravi, Pietro Corraini, Kaori Miyayama


with Lorenzo Bravi and Pietro Corraini

The book is a technology, old and new at the same time. How do you turn it into a completely new technology? Lorenzo Bravi, visual and technological explorer, and Pietro Corraini, graphic designer and publisher, used the book as a medium to make lights, machines, sounds and music work. Cables, batteries, pages and LEDs were mixed together in a tangle of ideas to demonstrate that the book is already an interactive object. 

Lorenzo Bravi

Lorenzo Bravi is a graphic designer and teaches Basic Design at the ISIA of Urbino. His professional and didactic research focuses on the fundamentals of visual communication, in projects ranging from art print to new media. His works have been published in several specialised magazines and exhibited at the Festival International de l’Affiche et du Graphisme in Chaumont and the International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno. With projects related to new technologies he has participated in numerous international festivals, in the music field in some dates of the Telekom Electronic Beats Festival and in the educational field in the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, Qatar.

Pietro Corraini

Pietro Corraini is a graphic designer graduated in Communication Design with the thesis “The noise is the massage”. Son of the founders of the publishing house Corraini Edizioni, he carries out visual communication and design projects and is also a university professor. He runs numerous workshops, has written a “Manual of Uncoordinated Image” and is director of the magazine Un Sedicesimo.


“A look at the window”
with Kaori Miyayama

The window is the transparent boundary between inside and outside. From the inside, the window becomes a fragment connecting with the vast world outside, while from the outside it conveys an atmosphere of the microcosm of a private space. The window experiences two landscapes at the same time, the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’. Observing the daily panorama, the participants made an artist’s book that became the window between inside and outside, thanks to the use of transparent tracing paper.

Kaori Miyayama

Kaori Miyayama was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1975, where she studied Cultural Anthropology at Keio University. She then graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2010, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Japan has sponsored her artistic research in Italy. Drawing on her studies in anthropology and art, using different media such as painting, photography, books and installation, she mixes traditional and contemporary Japanese and European techniques. She often uses Japanese materials, such as natural papers and silk fabrics. Her hand-printed and hand-stitched textiles, gently moved by the air, change with natural light and display a correlation between the viewer and time, between different cultures and traditions, between East and West.