Helmut Dirnaichner, Paola Fonticoli, Chiara Moreschi


“The book of self-portraits”
with Helmut Dirnaichner

This workshop was an opportunity to discover a new “profile” of oneself in an artistic sense. Each class made a book, in which each student was given two pages on which to portray themselves, based on black and white photographs of their own face portrayed from the front and in profile.

Helmut Dirnaichner

Helmut Dirnaichner is a painter and sculptor born in Kolbermoor and graduated from the Munich Academy of Art. Since 1978 he has lived and worked in Milan, Munich and Apulia. An artist strongly influenced by nature and its colours, from which he constantly draws inspiration for his paintings and sculptures, he has exhibited his works in various personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


with Paola Fonticoli

Every book is a world. A space of freedom, expression, creativity and surprise. Every time you open a book it is like looking out onto an unknown landscape, you are ready to take a journey through the words and images it contains with your imagination and fantasy. But you can also enjoy the consistency of the materials, the weight, the smell, the object in your hands. In this workshop, however, it was the children who created a small world, one for each participant, accepting the challenge of completing it in the short time available.

Paola Fonticoli

After obtaining a diploma in Painting from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Paola Fonticoli began exhibiting in 1985, participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Since 1990 she has collaborated with the advertising agency Girolamo Melis e Associati on numerous projects, choosing and coordinating the participation of Italian and foreign artists. For Edizioni Pulcinoelefante she has produced several artist’s books on poems, aphorisms and words by Alberto Cavizagly and Roberto Dossi.


“What treasures has the sea returned to us?”
with Chiara Moreschi

Strange stones are found on the beach of a small village in Liguria. They do not look like ordinary stones, but like parts of mysterious objects carved by the sea. We like to imagine that in a very distant time a galleon was accidentally shipwrecked in front of the small village of Albisola, spilling its precious cargo of wonderful objects into the sea. It is said that some of them even came from other worlds.
Each child was given a choice of some of these stones with which to reconstruct/invent one of these forgotten objects: they could be tools, masks, objects with a new function, which never or no longer existed, belonging to the precious cargo of the wrecked ship.

Chiara Moreschi 

After graduating from the Faculty of Design at Milan Polytechnic, Chiara Moreschi has been working in the field of industrial design since 2005. She works with various companies on product design projects, installations, consultancy and visual merchandising. She holds lectures and workshops at various design schools and universities, including Politecnico di Milano, the University of San Marino, Istituto Marangoni and Naba. Her designs have been selected for several Italian and international exhibitions, including the updated edition of The New Italian Design 2.0 exhibition curated by Silvana Annichiarico and Andrea Branzi at the Milan Triennale in 2010. In 2011 she was chosen by Persol as testimonial for the “A work of Persol” campaign involving artists and designers from all over the world. For the occasion she created the work “Beauty is Never Useless”, which became part of Persol’s private art collection and was exhibited to the public at Art Miami in 2011.