Claudia Losi, Enrico Malatesta, 44 flavours

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“Once upon a time suddenly”
with Claudia Losi

The children were invited to draw on a sheet of paper their favourite character, their favourite animal or a favourite object with which they identified. Each page drawn was then made into “stitched form”, becoming part of one of the large fabric books prepared for the occasion. Some of these books are now kept at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, forming a complex and mobile archive of stories and characters.

Claudia Losi 

The Piacenza-born artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, subsequently spending periods of study and work between Italy and New York. Her artistic research focuses on craft skills and manual work, such as textiles and ceramics, and on the relationship between man and his environment. She exhibits both in Italy and abroad in solo and group shows, including the Collezione Maramotti, MAXXI and the Royal Academy of Arts in London.


with Enrico Malatesta

The participants in the workshop ‘Knucklebones – or a set of moving bodies’ took part in a sound exploration, an intuitive workshop, in which through sound installations and sound bricolages the sound is explored in relation to the body and the space. Various experiences of listening, observing and producing sound were proposed with the intention of inviting participants to interact freely with the ‘forces’ of sound and with the possibilities of the relationship it creates between the listener’s body, the space and the quality of the materials available. 

Enrico Malatesta

Nato nel 1985, Enrico Malatesta è un percussionista attivo in ambiti sperimentali di ricerca posti tra pedagogia, musica e performance. Con la sua pratica artistica esplora le relazioni tra suono, spazio e movimento con particolare attenzione alle modalità di ascolto, alla vitalità dei materiali, alle superfici degli strumenti e alla definizione di informazioni multiple attraverso un approccio ecologico e sostenibile allo strumento a percussione.


“The mask”
with Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rolle from 44 flavours

What could be better than playing at being someone else? Starting with recycled materials, such as old cardboard boxes and plastic bottles, in this workshop the children were able to make their own mask and thus assume a new and mysterious identity. The works created were then included in the form of a photo gallery in the ÓPLA exhibition at Palais Mamming. 

44 flavours

44 flavours is the pseudonym of the Berlin-based artist and graphic designer duo Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rolle. The duo has taken part in cultural exchanges all over the world, from Glasgow to São Paulo and Istanbul. Their art is an experimentation and mixture of different disciplines, from music, sculpture and stage design to the chromatic play of murals. In particular, the distinctive feature of their style is the use of handwriting, in which art and writing come together to create ever-changing combinations.