Luca Boscardin, Meri Gorni, Peteris Lidaka


“From animals… to toys!”
with Luca Boscardin

During the workshop the children together with the artist imagined that they were biologists observing the most incredible aspects of the animal world. They also became builders of toys and creatures that do not yet exist. They imagined being as fast as a cheetah, as tall as a giraffe, as strong as a lion or as small as an ant. The animal world fascinates children, who see in the characteristics of other living beings extremes of their bodies, extensions that make them something more.

Luca Boscardin

Luca Boscardin studied Architecture and Visual Communication at the IUAV University of Venice and currently lives and works in Amsterdam, in a small, colourful studio in an old shipyard. During his days he draws spaceships, fantastic creatures, imaginary characters and super fast machines, which he then turns into toys. His collaborations include Philips, Triennale, Vitra Design Museum, Phaidon and many others. He works as an international toy designer and has launched, together with Valentina Raffaelli, the first collection of rocking animals of his brand BLUC. 


“Imagining reality. Between present and past”
with Meri Gorni 

In this workshop, marked by the key word “change”, a reflection was made on how everything, seen from a different point of view, can take on further meanings. The work started with the use of old photographs, which are the main material of Meri Gorni’s artistic work. They were cut up and reassembled in a collage in such a way as to create a new image with a different meaning from the initial one. The concept of change was also tackled by extending photography to drawing, which made it possible to imagine and represent even the unseen. At the end, each participant made a small leporello book, a testimony of their artistic experience.

Meri Gorni

Born in Pegognaga, the artist Meri Gorni lives and works in Paderno Dugnano (Milan). After studying Philosophy at Milan State University, she began to develop her works, ranging from videos, books, photography, drawing, installations and performances, mainly related to the world of words. She has exhibited in museums and galleries in Italy and abroad, from the Triennale in Milan to the Kunstraum in Munich, collaborating primarily with the Nuova Galleria Morone in Milan. Her books are published by various publishing houses. Among her publications ‘Come promesso’, published by Corraini in 2013 and ‘A tavola’, published by Sedizioni editore in 2015.


“Airplane party”
with Peteris Lidaka

The aim of the workshop was to design bizarre model aeroplanes, with an attention to the way children use their imagination. The artist experimented with them and stimulated them to think abstractly. Together they reflected on what is able to fly and how it does so, thus freeing the imagination. The search for new aeroplanes, fantastic machines and other flying creatures led the young workshop participants to explore parallel worlds. 

Peteris Lidaka

Peteris Lidaka is a Latvian artist working in the fields of illustration, sculpture, painting, graphic design and photography. During his studies at London Central St Martins, a university of art and design in London, he developed a specific interest in expressive abstract drawing and particularly in modelling. He has won many international awards in the field of advertising and illustration. He currently resides in Riga, where he collaborates in various design projects and works on his personal artworks.