1958 – 1990 

After attending the Ivy School of Professional Art, Keith Haring hitchhiked across the United States to see the works of other artists. He then entered the School of Visual Art in New York, highlighting his art through murals, which would later represent one of the most significant aspects of his Pop Art. At the end of the seventies he moved between drawing, video, performance and the continuous visits to places, artists and situations in progressive ferment. In 1982 he held his first real exhibition, which represented the launching pad of his career, projecting him towards personal and collective exhibitions in Europe and America. This made him known worldwide as an eclectic artist, with multiple visual interests and capable of acting on very different spaces and surfaces, but also sensitive to world problems and, at the same time, ready to grasp the excesses that life offers. He has left an important mark on contemporary art: his works made up of characters and abstract stories place him among the most representative artists of Pop Art.

Photo © Rob Bogaerts (Anefo), CC0, via Wikimedia Commons