Emilio ISGRÒ


An artist and writer, Emilio Isgrò is one of the major figures of Italian Conceptual Art, known above all for his artistic language of ‘erasures’. He made his debut at a very young age with a collection of poems, Fiere del Sud (Southern Fairs), in 1956. By 1964, however, he had already produced his first erasures: books and encyclopaedias that had been partially or completely erased, representing one of the first manifestations of Conceptual Art in Italy. His in-depth study of the alphabetical sign and the use of typefaces in the design of visual communication, as well as his consequent in-depth teaching, have accompanied a professional career that has seen him lend his services to some of Italy’s most important industries for almost half a century, creating, among other things, trademarks and logotypes with particularly structured lettering. His many works of editorial graphics and art direction reveal his constant love for typeface.

photo © Luisa Porta, 2019. Courtesy Archivio Emilio Isgrò.