An artist from Merano, Elisabeth Oberrauch attended the painting master class of Professor Franz Rogler Höheren at the Technischen Bundeslehranstalt in Graz from 1971 to 1972, as well as courses at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg and the International School of Graphics in Venice. In her works, the artist manages to merge interpretation and abstraction, immersing the viewer in a world of colours that give shape and life to the story. The characters in these worlds are sometimes reminiscent of the primordial forms of the Earth, giving a glimpse of the different materials used in her artistic career. Since 1973 she has been working in the field of images, books and paper crafting through the creation of object-books. As an illustrator, she reinterprets through images the texts of authors such as Mayer-Skumanz and Renate Welsh. She holds training courses on the subject of ‘Painting with children’ and numerous workshops for artists. Her works have been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions in South Tyrol and Austria.